Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens … plus related software and hardware.  This is a Mac/Apple bias list, but some, like 1 Password, may have versions for both platforms:

I consider the following items must have / must use:

  • 1Password – password management software.  Essential.  Get this before you pay for your groceries.  It’s worth giving up food for a day to buy this one.
  • Time Machine – software included with Leopard+ for backing up files.  Lion now gives file by file control, but this is the “big daddy” overseer.
  • Backblaze – on line backup service (useful if you have decent internet connection UPLOAD speed)
  • Clips – a bit of software that hangs onto up to 100 clipboard contents – so if you hit copy, it saves it – and then when you copy something else instead of the first one getting bumped it saves that one to a file, and so on, 100 times.  You can mark & keep copied items indefinitely so as to call saved clipboards anytime – in any program.  For example, all I have to do is start typing my email address and the clips program fills in the rest – in any program.  Wicked excellent.
  • Dropbox – file synchronization & sharing service.  A great way to save, share & access files.  Allows you to rebuild from previous versions and create easy photo galleries.
  • BookMacster –  manages browser bookmarks between browsers, devices and computers.  It allows you to sort & organize, open and save, import and export, check for duplicates & expired links.

AND, since I know you all love to manage photos: LIGHTROOM.  Where would I be without it?