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Graphic Design - (n.) The branch of visual arts concerned with the aesthetics and production of layout, design and typography. In the context of Web resources, graphic designers are responsible for the look of a site and all its visual elements including page layout, background and spot imagery, color scheme, typography, navigation buttons, etc ...

  Ad Creation

example graphicsThe advertisement in a newspaper or magazine is one of the most frequently used and beneficial means of connecting your business, service or organization to the people or groups who are trying to find you.

Please click on the image to the left to tour a few of the advertisements created by Crestone Creations

  Business Cards

cardsBusiness cards are an essential part of advertising your self or your business and allow you to be in control of direct marketing of your self, your "brand" (your look and recognition) and help to make the connection between you and your services. At Crestone Creations we incorporate your graphic look and feel onto your card to enhance this brand recognition.

Click on the collage for an enlargement of some of our work examples, some of the business cards we have created.



visitor's guide 2004Crestone Creations Created and Published the Crestone Visitor's Guide, now called the Crestone and Saguache County Guide in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

The magazine in 2004 was a 56 page full color gloss magazine with 10,000 copies in circulation. In 2003 the magazine was a 48 page full color gloss, also with 10,000 copies. Crestone Creations is responsible for all aspects of the guide creation except putting ink to paper.








2003 Visitor's Guide 2004 Visitor's Guide 2005 Visitor's Guide
You may download the 2003, 2004 & 2005 guides in PDF format by right clicking the respective image above and select "download linked file."   To download all 3 guides as an 11.5 MB .zip file, right-click here and download linked file.



PrepressCrestone Creations will handle your entire print project for you. In house, we take care of the photography, typography, text fonts, content and layout. Crestone Creations will then work with the printer to ensure the best possible product is produced for you, our client.

Once you hand us the job, we are there to handle your entire print project. Crestone Creations prepares your projects to print. We do not put the ink to the paper. We are pre-press professionals who coordinate and work with the printer and act as your representative.

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