Remote Help

Are you struggling with some computer issue and need someone to work with you to help? We can help.

In the Crestone Creations basket of goodies we also consult/train/assist folks with their computer struggles.  We could come by for a house call, but what is often easier for everyone is remote assist.  With remote assist we can remote-control your computer to teach, train, troubleshoot.  We help you overcome your stuck place and accomplish things.

How it works: We send you a link to our remote-help service. You authorize us (required each time).  We can then see your desktop & can remote control your “mouse.”  You watch along and can also control the mouse if need be.  You disconnect us when done and we have no further access – just to make clear: your privacy is maintained.  If you need help again you have to re-authorize.

Want or need remote assistance?  Please contact us to set up an appointment!

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