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Do you have a website yet? Do you have a site that needs a do-over? Even if your business interacts mostly on Facebook, you still need a website! Click the arrow below to read about our startup package that will launch your website presence!

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You need a website to:

  • be solid, established, credible
  • show who you are
  • describe what you do
  • collect testimonials
  • funnel contacts / email lists
  • offer specials
  • pro email at [] address

… and that’s just the beginning!

Maybe you have put it off because it seems to complicated or too expensive.

Maybe there is too much to research to get going and it’s overwhelming.

Worry no more!  The problem is solved by this Startup Website Special!

Startup Website Special!

We will set you up with everything you need

to roll out your own website including:

~ Domain Name

~ Hosting

~ Self-Editing Responsive Divi Website

~ 3 Essential Must-Have Pages*

~ Business Email with Spam Protection

~ G Suite setup for email, file sharing & collaboration

*more details on these items below!

The value of the items above at regular prices is over $2,500,

but as a bonus package special we are offering this package in 3 easy payments of $333

super-low savings price of ony $897!

What you will get – Here are the Details!


Domain Name

A domain name is the foundational web identity of your site, such as

We will search, suggest and finally register – paying all fees – a domain name for you for a full year – a domain name that works for you and your business! We will work together to find a name that is available, smart and that you can use!

At Crestone Creations we do more than “register” domain names.  We also take care of all the configurations – the NS records, the contact info, the complete management of the domain. We field your domain contact info to make sure it is privacy & spam protected and you never have to worry about lost passwords – you can always contact Crestone Creations!

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G Suite Setup

G Suite setup for file sharing & collaboration.

G Suite you may know as Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.  G Suite also includes EMAIL handling and Spam Protection extraordinaire!  I have been in this business since the late 90s and Spam has always been a problem – but NO MORE using G Suite!  And of course, there are the benefits of their other powerful benefits of cloud storage, document creation and collaboration.  Since I have been on G Suite I have been able to easily let go of my Microsoft Office payment.  $5 / month for G Suite, $20/ month for microsoft – that’s one of many savings and benefits!  Thanks to G Suite I can access all of my files all of the time from any computer or my phone!!  The value is huge.  I setup the account for you at no cost (usually a $200 setup fee) and after 14 day trial you can choose to NOT keep it or continue for $5/month.  No obligation.



Included – 6 months of website hosting with Crestone Creations at no additional charge!

Just like a brick and mortar store has to have a physical location, a website needs special space on the internet. This space is called hosting and is fundamental to the startup of any website.

You don’t have to have to worry about finding the right hosting company, learning about FTP, control panels managing passwords or any of the like. We will take care of this for you!


Responsive Divi Website

Responsive – this is HUGE – this means that it will “look right” on ANY device automatically.  Computer desktop, tablet, phone.  It “responds” to the device and provides a readable layout!  Essential for today’s smart phone and tablet using world!

Divi: You may have heard of Divi.  It is the World’s most popular WordPress premium theme – yes, premium – meaning, ordinarily you have to pay for it – oh but wait – you DON’T have to pay for it with this deal!  The cost of the theme license is ALSO included in this package for as long as you are a Crestone Creations website customer!  That is a savings to you of another $90 right now and $90 per year going forward!  You never have to pay to use the best, most popular theme in the world – we foot the bill for you!


What to expect after signup

After you sign up for this package we will contact you and get all of your necessary business info, page content info, photos, favorite colors, etc.  We want to make this as easy as possible for you!


3 Essential Pages

Every site should have essential pages:

  • Home Page with email opt-in
  • About You/Your Business
  • Contact Page

We will set up these pages with your content and photos!

After the job is done, you will have full control to edit your own website, make pages, etc.  – and of course, we are also still here on your team to help!

The contact form will protect your email address from spam and send interested people to your email box.

The opt-in will help to funnel leads into your realm!


Business Email

In the early days of your business you are likely to use a gmail or Yahoo or other address and even might have put it on your business card.  That was fine then, but nothing says, “professional” like your own domain name email.  And like any fine meal, you don’t want SPAM on the menu!  So as part of this new client special your email will be routed through Google’s server for maximum spam protections.  This routing also gives you the ability to use – or not – their webmail interface.  When you setup email on your phone or computer it’s super easy to configure!


What if I have a site or domain name already? Can I still do this?

Yes!  We can change the DNS and registration to Crestone Creations for you as a benefit included in the cost.  It’s still work, but different work, so the package price doesn’t change.

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Launch your website, hosting and domain name with your first of 3 payments of $333
(3 payments for total of $999). 

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