Email Support

Email Support

The information we provide to you on our support section is to help you along your way. Things may be a bit different or you may have to make slight modifications to make the email work for your particular environment, but this should give you enough clues to get going on your own.

With that said, you really don’t need to follow the steps in the pages of the menu, the only information you really need is in the “nutshell” – click here to view that document. Again, the instructions on the pages of this website are for reference only / to give you a little hand-holding / to give you clues.  The layout of your particular email software program (properly called an email client) may differ slightly, but ultimately what you plug into the email fields has not changed much over the past 10-15 years or so here at Crestone Creations.

If you want a walk-through with your particular software we suggest using the email account “Help” which comes with your software for setup details.

Once again, what needs to be put in the fields in your email client can be found in the “nutshell” document. The same thing goes in the same fields for ALL email programs, so the nutshell is really all you need :)

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