Email Setup SSL

Email Setup SSL

If you are wishing to evaluate using SSL or not, please read this document – click here
Generally speaking a non SSL setup is easier to accomplish and unless you are transmitting sensitive data the loss of security is acceptable for some people.

If you want some tips on SSL setup, please read on in this document.

Screenshots for SSL setup

for SSL (more secure) enter in both the incoming and outgoing server hostname fields.

 For SSL setup, the ports are 995 (in) & 465 (out) and SSL/TLS, Authentication Normal Password.


SMTP server:   Note: if you get a certificate warning or warning about identity, etc., accept the certificate by choosing to “Continue” or “Connect” – you may have to enter your computer’s administrator password. This is normal.  And it won’t say “Plesk” it will say or similar for SSL ( for non SSL)

The SMTP server requires authentication and this must be chosen in the appropriate section of the mail program. Use the same logins as the email account.