I have a 667 MHz PowerPC G4 – purchased in 2002 – which I don’t use often enough to warrant getting a new one. But I do need USB 2.0!!  The computer is fine for what I need on the road – it works fine!  Like the love and lore of an aging truck (yes I have one of those, too)  I have been compelled to just tinker with the unit I have and put my money elsewhere (like into food).   For this laptop I have done the obvious – upgraded the RAM to 1 GB – I believe that is the max amount.  When it failed I replaced the original 30 GB hard drive with a 120 GB hard drive, and so on.


OK, the USB 2.0:  I purchased a 2-Port USB 2.0 PCMCIA Cardbus PC Card from Amazon.com.

I put it into the slot.  I connected the cable that goes from the middle of the card to one of the 1.x USB slots in the back – to supply POWER.  Good as gold – right as rain.  Done.