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Please scroll down and view this portfolio of some of the web sites designed, re-created, modified, hosted and/or maintained by Crestone Creations. Photography on the designed sites is often by Clyde Lovett of Crestone Creations.



Cloud Ridge Naturalists - world renowned for nature travel / explorations and workshops, Crestone Creations recently re-designed site with a new side and bottom navigation with css color rollovers on the left nav, and a slightly wider layout. The site was created in a template and locked in with css throughout to hold formatting consistency and ease for updating and additions. Every page sports unique, stunning nature photos, courtesy of CRN. Crestone Creations re-designed the site in December 2007 and updates the site fully before each season.

Ryuten Paul Rosenblum Roshi is a lineage holder in the tradition of Donsghan and Dogen. He is a teacher in the Dharma Sangha in both the U.S. and Europe. The site we created for him is sophisticated in it's simplicity. This site is one of our favorites as it fully embodies the design philosophy that "less is more." The "less is more" philosophy reaches fruition when all that is essential is in place and there is nothing left to remove. The site was created and is maintained in both an English and German. Crestone Creations designed this site in 2007 as and has redesigned it in 2008 as after his renaming.
Regarding Clyde Lovett, Crestone Creations:

"He’s first rate: his site design, development and hosting services are excellent, plus he’s a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly, without reservation."
-- Ryuten Paul Rosenblum

AutoWorks is Port Townsend owned and operated with ASE master technicians providing repair and maintenance on: Domestic, Asian, and some European vehicles.

The Victorian Clipper barber shop, Port Townsend, Washington. Owner / Operator Debi Hinton
requested an "Old West" theme.
Live Date March 2010

Locally owned and operated, Brady Construction, Inc. has a long history of custom home building and community building in Port Townsend, Washington.
Photos including Port Townsend panorama and images shown in thumbnail to the left by Clyde Lovett, Crestone Creations. - uses this web site to promote their Internationally renowned literary magazine, Pilgrimage. A book by the editor and magazines subscriptions are available on-line through the web site. Beyond the website, Crestone Creations did the pre-press layout for the magazine in 2010 & 2011 in addition to contributions of photography.

The web site for Saguache County, Colorado

Skoglund Excavation Services and Pit based in Moffat, Colorado. The site uses photography to assist clients
in the selection of pit materials and gives an orientation to the equipment available for use on their job. Crestone Creations photographed the rocks in the pit and the pit areas.

We do the ads & business cards for the Skoglunds, too. It's great fun working with their stones & equipment. I've got to show you a few of their cool ads & cards ....

Skoglund Business CardSize Matters

- click here for a Skoglund Tour -

Crestone Creations took over as webmaster of this International Corporation's web site since early 2002. Since that time we have added, organized, maintained, hosted and polished the existing design of this site. Video, audio, downloadable documents and html based information support the product distributors and provide product information for their use in the field. A search engine appears throughout the site to assist with the location of data on this content rich site. The company is based in Chino, California.

Ron Landis Photography - Ron is a talented photographer based in New England. The web site objective was - clean and simple with a focus on photography. The site has a new Wordpress blog installed which the owner / photographer, Ron Landis, uses to add content / add value / add followers to his web site. Live date November 2009.

The Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the American Payroll Association supports the payroll professional with member benefits including certification, reference materials, payroll training and networking. In 2009 Crestone Creations performed a complete redesign of their previous web site.

O&V Printing, Alamosa, Colorado. Web Site designed to customer specs. We had fun with the rollovers used in the left navigation. Scrolling text as requested and graphic style as requested. About O&V: Serving the San Luis Valley and surrounding areas since 1975, O&V Printing, Inc is a full service print shop. O&V Printing, Inc. offers three Heidelberg presses with a press size up to 19x25. They have a full range of options for smaller jobs whether it is black & white copies or color copies.

Effortless Being web site is the site of Structural Integration practioner Buddy Frank. Buddy has offices in Salida and Crestone, Colorado. The home page contains a bit of Flash Animation - there is a rotation through the 10 stages of body awareness that is inherent in his work in the "Ten Series." The site also supports his business identity and philosophy.

Digital Aboriginal

The book: Digital Aboriginal, by Crestone based authors. They had us publish the following comment on their web site: Web development by Clyde Lovett
Thanks for your playful additions, whimsical style, speed and how incredibly easy it was to work with you.

Web site for the Belmont, Massachusetts High School Class of 1981. This was one of our first web sites and was and is a volunteer effort.

TWA Construction

Builder Terry Anderson of Crestone Colorado uses this site as an on-line brochure and portfolio of his work. The site is 100% image-based.

Crestone Visit

Home of CAVA, the Crestone Area Visitor's Agency web site where lodging and member information and the entire Crestone and Saguache County Visitor's Guide can be found on-line. CAVA is functionally a chamber of commerce and also assists with conference and retreat organization. CAVA promotes the area with the intent of supporting local businesses. The Visitor's Guide is in print copy, and also found on this same web site.


Aerblock Builder and supplier of AAC Building Products / Tools and Equipment.

We also do their companion web site


Northern Valley Realty, Inc, Real Estate Brokers located in Crestone, Colorado. Taking off from the base design by Lito Tejada-Flores, this site was designed to present homes logically, beautifully, simply. The site is frequently modified by both Northern Valley and Crestone Creations, so there must be like simplicity in the design to assist in the ease of shared maintenance.


The mission of the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council (SLVEC) is to protect and restore—through research, education, and advocacy—the biological diversity, ecosystems, and natural resources of the Upper Rio Grande bioregion, balancing ecological values and human needs. SLVEC embraces and promotes the preservation of beauty, biodiversity and the health of the San Luis Valley and upper Rio Grande region.

Lee Mitch

Lee Mitchell Homes, Inc. This web site is a gallery of homes built by Lee Mitchell of Crestone, Colorado. Designed, Created, Hosted and Maintained by Crestone Creations. All of the photos were taken by Crestone Creations.

Yarbrough Real Estate is the web site for Real Estate Broker Darlene Yarbrough in Crestone, Colorado. Darlene uses the web site to describe her, her business and to present the homes and land for sale in the area. Crestone Creations regularly created individual customized galleries for each residential listing. The site is and is updated frequently with new listings and photos. This site, originally inspired by design master Lito Tejada-Flores, has been customized by Crestone Creations to meet the needs of our client.

Ingrid Lundahl

The original site was created by Crestone Creations from delivered design. The site was image based and used rollovers and disjointed rollovers for dramatic navigational effects. Ingrid's site had numerous galleries with all photos linked for sale through PayPal.

JC Soccer

Redesign of JC Soccer Club web site


Chinook Lodge is a locally owned and operated Lodging and Smokehouse establishment in South Fork, Colorado. The site is designed to bring out something of the rustic charm of the Lodge as well as present the information in a clean and easy to navigate layout.

Lea Black

Clearly one of our more exotic sites. Lea is a artist of great impact and thus her art work had to be represented on this web site with the out-of-the-box thinking that her artwork demands.

Baca POA

The official web site for the Baca Grande Property Owner's Association, located near Crestone Colorado in the San Luis Valley. This site is over 800 pages in size and requires a tight integration of form and function to keep information presented logically. Attention to navigation includes a local search engine allowing easy access to the volumes of information on this site. To the left is a screen shot of the 2006-2007 site redesign. The POA since has been captured by pirates and thus the design is no longer available live on the web, but it was a nice site while it lasted.

Following on the simpicity of

is one of our newest sites, Janet draws from her 30 years experience in the health care field to guide clients towards wholeness. Her psychic, intuitive gifts are expressed in the formats of Akashic record readings; Shamanic techniques; energy balancing using the methods of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and Polarity therapies; whole foods nutrition and weight management educational support for the individual and group.

Sacred Peaks

Sacred Peaks Enlightenment Conference. Experience a unique weekend of spiritual growth and enlightenment in Crestone, Colorado, a remote community in the Rocky Mountains where spirituality, contemplation, creativity and environmental consciousness are a way of life.

The Citizens for San Luis Valley Water Protection Coalition (WPC) is a grassroots education and public interest group dedicated to protecting the water, biological and cultural resources of the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, the Crestone Baca Communities and the San Luis Valley, Colorado from destructive gas and oil development. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a permanent withdrawal of the mineral interests in the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, the surrounding Crestone Baca area and sensitive areas in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Crestone Creations designed the site in February 2008.


Although this site is no longer active for the band's reasons, we are including it in our portfolio because it gives an example of how to market a CD and included downloadable selections of the band's music. The music selections were digitized in house by Crestone Creations. Back in the day, that was a big deal :P

Innernet of the Heart

This site is also no longer active (it was designed to serve a period in time), but we have kept it alive to show in our portfolio as it employs motion techniques not found on any other site. The message of peace is sent forth (in motion) from a photo earth on a photo of a galaxy.


"I recently had my website designed and created by Crestone Creations, and everything Clyde did far exceeded my expectations. He was extremely knowledgable and helpful, and knowing my website was in such capable hands allowed me to relax and focus on my business rather than get bogged down in the details of building a website. Thank you!"
-- Elysia Hartzell Nelson,

Regarding Clyde Lovett, Crestone Creations: "He’s first rate: his site design, development and hosting services are excellent, plus he’s a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly, without reservation."
-- Ryuten Paul Rosenblum, San Anselmo, California USA &

"When people ask why our listings look so good all I have to say is: Clyde Lovett! Clyde is the consummate professional. He's flexible and helpful,with an eye for the finer details. His photographs come to life!"
-- Holley Carlson; Windermere Real Estate, Port Townsend, Washington

"I am no longer afraid of my camera! I will retain 90% of the information or more because Clyde not only explained everything, he helped me do it 'hands-on. That was the best money I ever spent on Photography training"
-- S. Moran, Port Townsend, Washington

Since 2004 you've taken care of the graphics for my advertising, my three websites, and so many updates - and always, your creativity has impressed me. At times I think that you actually see the images in my mind because no one has ever given me exactly what I had pictured so quickly and so accurately.When a client is this pleased with your work, he/she could never think of using anyone else.
Thank you
-- Cal Michael Cali, Crestone Area Visitor's Agency

Thanks for your playful additions, whimsical style, speed and how incredibly easy it was to work with you.
-- Mikela & Philip Tarlow, authors of "Digital Aboriginal"

Dearest Clyde, Just got your email. Good one, made me laugh so hard that I got thrown out of the library. Thanks for taking care of that problem the other day. You the man. Take care, Steve

First Place website 2014 in nation-wide competition of Payroll Associations

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