Web Site Hosting

We serve you and your needs with personalized care and attention. We are here to take care of all facets of your website so you don’t have to worry.  No missed renewas, no hidden costs, no expensive add-ons.  And, because you are on our server, we are uniquely positioned to get your job done and solve any problems with speed – speed that translates into lots of dollar savings for you.  That doesn’t make us the cheapest option on the surface, but we have no hidden costs and over time you get more in the context of savings from Crestone Creations than you would have saved by hosting with a “cheaper” host.

Crestone Creations hosts websites for the benefit of our clients.  We are full featured and have no hidden costs.  When hosted on our server space any client need can be addressed quickly and efficiently without billable hours going towards recovering access, diving into the issues of a different server and so forth.  We have top-end access and can quickly solve problems and point needed features towards our clients site or run an update to a site.  We’re not out to host the world nor to make very much money on it.  We have our own hosting space which we dedicate to take care of our clients.  Over the past 16 years we have found that by having our own space we can solve client issues, at a greater speed and less cost than if they were hosted elsewhere.

We want for everything to be a professional and well cared for as possible and to save money by saving time. We have our own server space connected to the high speed world of the internet and housed in a secure data center which is staffed by technicians 24/7. We offer hosting at affordable rates without hidden add-on fees.

I have been taking care of websites, hosting and domain registration for 15 years. I am confident that the value of my positioning as an advocate for my clients saves them money and hassle and far outweighs a couple dollars per year of savings that you might have by going to a budget service.

$149.95 per year for the average client for your hosting space, your email accounts, databases, spam filter, a control panel to manage the works. We quote our rate individually with higher rates to those who run into the gigabyte range of storage needs (unusual).  We also recognize those who have financial need and non-profits with special LOWER rates.

Crestone Creations also registers domain names. We seem to charge more than other services, but again, it’s because you are getting no add-ons.  We protect your identity and your email against spam at no additional cost, where this service is an add-on fee with others.  We keep your public records private and there is no chance of loosing your domain because you didn’t get the email (because it went to a spam box or yours changed a year or 2 after registration).  We look after renewals for you and can recover passwords eas  You can get all of these services cheaper somewhere else, but inherent in our service is a personal advocate who you can trust to look over your hosting and domain registration world.

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Terms of Service: Payment and use of Crestone Creations Services constitutes agreement to be bound by the terms of service herein. Rates will remain in force as long as the credit card information remains current or until December 31, 2015, whichever comes first.  Accounts which lapse are subject to suspension and to re-billing of setup fees and rate schedule in effect at the time of the lapse. Rates in force as of (and have not changed since) May 1, 2006. Rates subject to change without warning, although, as just mentioned, that has not happened since 2006!  Hosting services are payable in advance of the time period covered and are non-refundable. Failure to remain current on payments may result in immediate suspension or closure of the web site / termination of the associated service. A $99.00 fee will be charged to remove the suspension. We will do our best to remind you of your annual obligation, but ultimately it is your responsibility to remain current on your services. Payment must be received by one of the methods detailed on this web site. NO partial payment or exceptions. To pay your bill or to setup recurring payments, please click here.