Q. Why should I register with Crestone Creations / CrestoneRegister.com?

A.  Peace of mind that you Never lose control of your domain name, Privacy protection from spammers, from fraud, and all with personalized renewal & care.

Crestone Creations is all about giving you full power up front – no sneaky add-on costs & up-selling. You get the full deal out of the gate.  We are partnered with Register.com (hence our name, CrestoneRegister.com) so you get Register.com long-term company stability with our Crestone Creations personalized service – the best of both worlds!

Personalized care: we take care of the registration process for you.  You don’t need to remember login passwords, renewal dates, etc.  When it’s time to register or re-register, we make it happen.  Usually we just add this on to your annual invoice.

Protection from scams / phishing style attempts to gain control of your name: You know when you register with us, you need deal with us and only us.  Any correspondence from anyone else you can clearly identify as spam / phishing / other trickery.  Read more on that here in our blog post on the subject.  It happens – we receive them, too!

No hidden costs: we don’t charge extra for domain forwarding, for “private registrations” (we use our email alias to save you from spam).


Sure you could save a few dollars elsewhere, but for the time savings to you (registration) the management service and more (read on below) it’s a well-spent few dollars to make sure that foundation to your internet presence is cared for properly with no hidden add-on fees.

Some companies charge cheap rates, but then sneak in charges extra for everything else.
We don’t. It’s all included.

  • Network Solutions, at the time of writing this, charged $37.99/year for a domain name and then charges for add-ons  – we have no hidden costs!
  • ADD-ON: Network Solutions charges $9.99/year for “private registration.” With us, it’s included – no extra charge
  • ADD-ON: Network Solutions charges $12.99/year for “web forwarding.” With us, it’s included – no extra charge
  • Our partner, Register.com charges $38/year for a domain name for one year
  • You could use Go-Daddy.  They are the Wal-Mart of the business, so if your ethics permit shopping at Wal-Mart there should be no problem with using Go-Daddy.  Except I favor Wal-Mart insofar as Wal-Mart does not use advertising tactics that devalue women and, in my opinion, GoDaddy does.  To quote a female business owner, “No self-respecting female business owner would use GoDaddy!”

Are those companies watching your back? We are! At Crestone Creations we know our customers personally. No domain names lost because you missed your notification or you didn’t update your credit card info. We’ve got you covered.  Your domain name is the foundation of your business.  If it goes up for auction it can take thousands of dollars to recover! We are here to look after you!

Crestone Creations has served as a domain name reseller for Register.com for more than a decade, starting in August 2003. Register.com is a stable, reputable company that has been around since the late 1990s.  As with our hosting, we register domain names for the benefit of our clients.  Since we partnered with internationally recognized register.com we’ve made this a seamless process for our clients. We have “saved” many clients who registered elsewhere but then lost control of their domain to scams, lost passwords, forgotten payments, etc. We look after your domain name for you so that your identity is cared for personally. Please contact us to register a domain name for you!


Domain Registration is not a money-maker for Crestone Creations.  Even the big companies DON’T make money on registrations – they draw you into spending money on add-ons.  They hope to up-sell.  We don’t do add-ons. We have this service for our clients in the interest of looking after their valuable identity: their domain name.  Your domain name is VERY valuable – it can be overlooked in its value when you have people selling registrations at less than what they pay for them and consider what it actually MEANS to you …  so if you would rather “save a few dollars” and register it on your own instead of benefitting from a personal advocate who watches over your domain name and has special powers to represent you that’s your choice, but in our several decades of experience we have witnessed clients lose control of their registrations, have their sites go down, and spend way more money and/or time money fussing with “getting it back” than if they had just started with our professional care.  The price difference?  Over the course of a Year the difference between us & the “Wal-Mart” type big companies could be a cup of coffee or two.  Or maybe you’ll wind up spending thousands of dollars to get your domain name renewed.  I’ve seen it happen

… keep in mind, what “seems” like a few dollars more per year could actually save you tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars …

Spending a few to potentially be saving you thousands of dollars: We had someone come to us who had a domain name for years, but then lost touch with the renewal process and their domain name registration lapsed.  They came to us for help as a new client, after their domain name had expired, their website went down, their email was down.  By the time they came to us, the domain name had gone beyond “redemption” and had gone into auction.  Because all their marketing (cards, brochures, marketing, etc) related to their domain name, their business came to a virtual halt.  To make a long story short, it took over $5,000 to win the name back – which had gone to public auction.  If this person had used our services we would have contacted them about re-registration and if they would never have needed to keep track of renewal dates and logins and all that.  That’s what we do, as your personal advocates.  We give your most important foundational piece personal attention so that you never have to worry.

Saving you tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars: Sometimes ownership / contact info / DNS / forwarding / etc. of  your domain registration needs to be managed.  We can take care of this for you easily under our roof in a familiar system.  If a new system must be navigated this takes up everybody’s valuable, billable time!


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(…actually, after writing all this up and considering the value of the service / protection / insurance I offer to my clients and the cost to me in time to me – I think I’ll raise my rates!  There is huge value in having someone serve as your personal advocate and registration manager.  So if you signup now you can get on board while the price is low and take advantage of my good nature!  I’ve got some other work to do first, so you still have a short time!)

If you have been assigned a control panel and need to login go to the Crestone Creations domain registration website CrestoneRegister.com


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